Monoprinting workshop

Some photos from the recent drop-in workshop at The Lister Room in Lyme Regis.

Words by Carolyn King who ran the workshop.

The idea behind the ‘drop-in’:

To facilitate creativity using basic materials (some of which we have around the home).

We used three processes which could be intermixed… easiest first…

  1. Painting on perspex (you could use an offcut of glass from the greenhouse). You put your drawing or photo underneath This produces some lovely unexpected results which can be strengthened with ink and a thin stick (transforming a ‘slosh and splash’ into a more graphic image….(this can also be done on any old white door from a kitchen unit- look in a skip!) (But you can’t see your photo or drawing underneath so you are drawing solo!) Be brave….
  2. Cut, draw, colour and stamp (into those thin polystyrene pizza bases!) Cut out shapes, paint and score into one side and then stamp on paper with decent pressure; the trick is to get the right amount of paint onto the stamp…takes a bit of practice but produces super results!
  3. The ‘Transfer-ink’ process using oil pastels…..and polythene sleeves

Materials which can be used:

  • Basic acrylic paint
  • Children’s brushes – from a well-known large foreign store; they also sell a nice roller set (for later on!)
  • Computer printing paper
  • Q tips and a rolling pin ( optional)
  • Biros /pencils masking tape
  • Foam off cuts
  • Perspex off cuts
  • Lolly sticks, old cut-up credit cards, tooth picks etc….
  • Bits of squashed shiny custard tart casings to make the sun!!
  • Oil pastels
  • Any fountain pen ink

Basically anything that can make a mark. We all adapt and explore what we have in the studio/shed and around the home.
The list can get longer the more we delve into this lovely creative process, and by using simple processes that can be manipulated we are perhaps tempted to more diverse forms of printmaking.