Not Everything Is Black and White – Trisha Hayman and Mark Swan

An exhibition entitled “Not Everything Is Black and White” brings together two local artists whose work will be on display at The Gallery in Symondsbury from 1-12th February. 

Inspired by the natural world, Trisha Hayman’s artwork shows the beautiful but raw edges of nature, for it is the expendable specimens of the natural world like feathers or pebbles that normally fascinate her. This exhibition however highlights her more contemporary approach to still life: simple clean lines in graphite that complement the richly detailed subject matter.  Trisha has had solo and joint exhibitions in the South West and London and has taken part in Dorset Art Weeks. 

To complement Trisha’s work the exhibition will also feature pieces by Mark Swan, creator of delicate Japanese Shoji screens and furniture.  Mark combines time honoured Western and Japanese joinery to design attractive unique functional, fitted or free-standing pieces. In his studio, he begins with the local trees and uses hand tools to create furniture to enhance commercial and private spaces, combining wood​ with other natural materials. Mark has a strong drive to use a variety of recycled material. He served a short internship with Japanese master carpenter Kimura Sensei in Kyoto, and now enjoys working to high levels of craftsmanship using traditional Japanese and English tools.

The Gallery Symondsbury is open daily from 10.30-4.30, entry is free, as is parking in the Estate’s car park.