A Lifetime of Different Identities, 14th June-24th July 2022

– the careers of Karol Kulik

Over the past 50 years, American-born, Lyme Regis resident Karol Kulik has had five different careers, working as a film historian, a trade fair organiser, an academic archaeologist, a painter and currently an art exhibition curator and publicist.  (In the latter role, she has been an invaluable friend of Lyme Bay Arts, having been instrumental in finding our Symondsbury gallery, as well as giving her whole-hearted moral and practical support over the years.)

Having organised and promoted the Lyme Regis Museum’s Rotunda Gallery art shows for many years, celebrating the talents of dozens of local artists, she has taken this opportunity to share her own paintings and writings with the Museum’s visitors.

Karol hopes you enjoy sharing this journey through her various identities.

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