Artist talk this Saturday 20/11/21

Patrick Jones will be hosting a talk on Abstraction at 3:30pm on Saturday 20th November in the Sou’-Sou’-West Gallery at Symondsbury.

Renowned East Devon painter Patrick Jones (pictured above with his current co-exhibitor at Sou’-Sou’-West, Nigel Moores) has spent his life developing paintings which use his experience of the real world, such as movement, atmosphere or sound, without needing to  illustrate it.  He likes to work in acrylics on large unprimed canvases, improvising a varied technique, like a giant watercolour. The pigment is highly charged and intense, so working flat on the floor allows the thin washes to overlay and dry.  With decades of experience, Patrick has developed a rich visual language, having truly mastered the art of allowing the work to emerge from within, and the results are bold, vibrant and emotive.

Patrick hopes to explain to listeners how to come across an abstract picture and how to get the most out of it. 

There are limited places available, so please contact Phil if you would like to attend, on 01308 301326.
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