Awakening – three painters react positively to lockdown

Dorset-based artists Zee Jones and Pam Allsop are joined by Lucy de Albuquerque from North Hampshire in a showcase of their recent work. All three artists love the exuberance of vibrant colours, only differing in the mediums they use.  Zee and Pam work in mixed media and acrylic, while Lucy uses watercolours, printmaking and mixed media. They each experienced a similar sense of “Awakening” during lockdown and used this time to slow down and embrace a new awareness of the natural world. This exhibition reflects these artists’ journeys and demonstrates their desire to encompass the new through coming together, joining and sharing.

As three women who are coming out of a period of self-isolation, they would like to dedicate this exhibition to Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe whose own lockdown in Iran has been so long and unjust.

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