Big Skies, Distant Views, 8 December 2021 – 16 January 2022

Steve Manning is an Exeter-based printmaker working out of an attic studio that commands fine vistas of clouds and sky.   The landscapes of Dorset and Devon have understandably become the subject of much of his work, including this exhibition, Big Skies, Distant Views, one of the series of Lyme Bay Arts exhibitions at the Rotunda Gallery of the Lyme Regis Museum from 8 December until 16 January.

Steve works predominantly with lino, employing a combination of multi-block and reduction printing to produce spacious landscapes inspired by the landscapes of Devon and Dorset. His subtle rendering of skies and clouds is at odds with a discipline usually associated with bright blocks of colour.

“I am particularly interested in the cloudscape and it often informs the overall composition of the completed print,” says Steve.  “For me the challenge is to render distant vistas and ethereal skies using a medium—multi-block and reduction printmaking—usually associated with bold blocks of colour.  I achieve this by either lightening colours with white or thinning them with extender. The end results are prints that could be described as having a ‘painterly’ quality. I probably should be a watercolourist, but I love the combination of craft and fine art that printmaking offers.”

For further information about opening times and admission charges for Big Skies, Distant Views, please visit the Museum’s website:

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