Climate Change, 11th-27th September 2021

To complement the ‘Inside Out Dorset’ project being held on the Symondsbury Estate, Sou’-Sou’-West Arts Gallery will be exhibiting work from 11th to 27th September which focuses on climate change in its broadest sense.

Artists are encouraged to reflect environmental protection in their work, be it by using upcycled or recycled media, by celebrating the importance of the natural world around us, or even demonstrating the positive and negative impact humanity has on our planet.

We have selected works which explore all creative forms and processes; from 2D to 3D installations.

Pete Hackett’s ‘Detritusaurus’.
“On our many walks along the Jurassic coast we see and often collect the plastic detritus washed up from all around the world.
We have all seen the disturbing images of plastic ‘lakes’ in our oceans.
‘Detritusaurus’ is a comment on the state of our seas, and the human approach to waste and the consequences”.

For more information about ‘Inside Out Dorset’ follow this link:

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