Fossils, Fish and Feathers – 14th September-24th October 2021

Fossils, Fish and Feathers is the title of the watercolour exhibition of recent work by Lyme Bay Artist Trisha Hayman, which will be on show at the Rotunda Gallery of the Lyme Regis Museum from 14th September until 24th October. 

Trisha’s artwork features some of nature’s less considered and expendable specimens – some beautiful, some bland and some often ignored.  Her mission is to show the fragility of skeletal leaves, the vibrant colours of birds’ feathers and of butterflies, odd-shaped seed pods from trees and spent flower heads. 

Roe deer skull and chestnut

But most of all it is the specimens that are cast-off, discarded and abandoned that she is drawn to, such as animal skulls and their antlers, sea shells, birds’ eggs, age-old fossils and ammonites.  Her way of working involves many hours examining the subject matter closely – so a fine sable paintbrush, a magnifying glass and plenty of hot pressed paper are her essential work mates. 

The Museum is open Tuesdays-Saturdays 10am-5pm and Sundays till 4pm. For more information, visit – entrance fees apply but you get a whole year’s visits, so you can see other sows as well.

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