Living Landscapes, 9th-29th May 2022

These paintings by Antonia Phillips celebrate our amazing British countryside, unique National Parks & glorious Scottish Highlands, from journeys near and far, through an amazing collection of coastlines, hills and dales, fields and lochs.  She says:

“The paintings also describe my passion for working within the landscape itself.  Being there in the elements really does focus the mind in many ways and will bring an immediacy to each painting. Mostly I work on primed watercolour paper taped to a board, in acrylic, building up thin layers of paint and creating light and movement using ‘dry’ brush technique. I often use a graphite stick to apply some rough marks to start, though sometimes these end up painted over. 

It started nearly three years ago when I spent two months travelling to all 15 UK National Parks, during the 70 year anniversary year, with my partner Richard and Ant & Dick’s Excellent Adventure began! We camped the entire way round and I painted in each Park at my easel, creating work on canvas and primed paper. All 52 paintings from the journey were created on location, some of which are here in the show.

Visiting all fifteen National Parks gave me a unique opportunity to discover the charm and character of each. I’d also never visited many of them.  It was an amazing, whistle stop tour and, to get a feel for each place, we had to make quite quick decisions as to where I would set up my easel. Come rain or shine too!

I was hooked, glad to have discovered this invigorating and ‘immersive’ way of working..

While the experience of a new landscape has its own energy, I also enjoy an opportunity to revisit, as weather and season make for new experiences also.

From Axmouth to Altandhu, I have discovered some amazing outdoor spaces.

Only use one or two flat brushes, not six! 

Take glasses off before starting.

I’ve learnt a lot… “

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