Scapes & Sculpture, 18th-31st October 2021

Devon-based artist Anne Townsend is showing her exhibition ‘Scapes and Sculpture’ this month.  Anne’s home studio is situated in Devon`s beautiful Axe Valley, which has given her ample space and inspiration to lose herself in large expressive pieces of work both as a painter and a sculptor. Anne’s art journey has lent itself to the wonderful medium of vibrant oils and acrylics that hold no boundaries of expression, colour or form.   

Anne’s current paintings are inspired by local land and seascapes close by.  She says “I paint semi-abstract, atmospheric paintings that capture moments in time and the unexpected abstract elements of nature – how quickly a sky can darken when a sunny day suddenly turns cold and grey. It’s always a constant inspiration to try and capture those moments”.

Anne’s sculpture is constantly changing and developing. She is well known for her female figurative pieces (such as ‘Gracie’, above) but increasingly she has been working on life size animal and bird sculptures. Each piece is individually created and unique and painted.  After several years working predominantly with clay and paper clay, Anne started to use plaster and scrim.  This has enabled her to make much larger, painted, predominantly indoor pieces, which can be cast in bronze or bronze resin with many colours available.

See Anne’s work in the Sou’-Sou’-West Arts Gallery Shop. Open Daily: 10:30am to 16:30pm

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